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We are pleased to welcome you to our website and blog. The site is an extension of our companion website, Garden Gateways Photo Tours, which is “A website dedicated to the entertainment, education and inspiration of people who love private, public and natural gardens.” Although both of these websites are devoted to that stated objective, will focus more on the practice of design as used within this context.

We are providing a platform for landscape design professionals such as landscape architects, landscape designers, landscape contractors and others who use their knowledge and experience to benefit property owners and society in general, by creating meaningful places of beauty for those who visit or reside in those environments. Non professional visitors may use our website to be informed, entertained and inspired to create beautiful landscapes with or without professional assistance.


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Our experts review some of this year’s award winning gardens for your enjoyment


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Some of the gardens we are featuring this month. We hope you enjoy them.



Golf Couse


Oceanside Home & Resort