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Designing an Uber-Green, Leed Certified Garden

PRESENTS Designing an Uber-Green Leed Certified Garden With "Environmentally Responsible Landscaping"   First, consider that every designer’s endeavor should have a specific purpose in mind. Then that designer must set a firm goal to fulfill the design project’s purpose and move to establish the means and activities to activate the purpose as envisioned. In this article, we are setting a goal to create a garden that will meet most of the requirements that will allow

A Day In The Garden

    VISIT A GARDEN TODAY! by N. Paul Paulus In this hectic, stressed and over committed society we are a part of these days, why would you ever want to commit a few precious hours to walk leisurely through beautiful and tranquil surroundings? And why would you ever want to subject yourself or your loved ones to a breath of fresh air and the hint of a flowers fragrance carried on the breeze? What

A Journey To Eden

By: Dan Ford I’m not certain why I chose to drive out of the city that bright sunny morning instead of heading directly to work, just as I do day after day.  I just followed an instinct that I didn’t know I had. It wasn’t exactly that I had no control over this impulse.  It just seemed that I was somehow given a suggestion and then decided to go along with it after I had