Garden Profiles

Townhouses Photo by Ulla Rose

Garden profiles will be composed of various photographs of unlimited  and random description, along with comments, if appropriate of garden scenes and garden elements that should be of interest to our members and visitors

These photographs should be enjoyable and inspirational. They will be provided by Garden Gateway Design staff as well as from submittals solicited from Professional Landscape Designers, Garden Gateways Design members and new visitors as well.  They will be invited to share their photos  and comments by submitting them to us for insertion into these pages. Refer to our submittal procedures as outlined in Contribute Content in the Menu selections. It is assumed that all submittals will be copyrighted protected for your submittal unless you indicate that you want to open-share your creations.

Contemporary Garden

Golf Course Estate

A Sculpture Garden

Mangrove Gardens

Gail’s Place

An Oceanside Home & Resort

A Riverside Residence

A Village Courtyard Home

Gardens are our way of life.

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