Gateways To Your Garden

About The Book

A quick landscape reference source, as well as a font of inspiration to anyone wanting to design the garden of their dreams.

“This is not a “How To” publication as much as a “What To” book. The reader, whether they are a landscape design professional or a property owner wishing to create their own gardens are advised to use the ideas and suggestions within to start the design process and then go on to finish it with appropriate detailed studies of their ultimate selections.”

About The Author

Daniel J. Ford and his partners founded a Landscape Architectural and contracting firm in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, in the Bahamas. In 1969 they sold the company in the Bahamas and took up residency in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and formed a new company, The Rain Forest, Inc. to create landscape designs and installations for upscale residential gardens. In 1970 they were invited by the developers of John’s Island in Vero Beach, Florida to join them in their creation of what would become one of the most prestigious golf course/residential communities in the state. Dan’s designs have been featured in Southern Living, Southern Accents and Florida Architecture. He became convinced that there is a great need for a publication that would guide a homeowner through the process of working with a landscape design professional and assist professionals in working with clients. That led to the creation of Gateways To Your Garden. He offers this book as a means to interest, inform and inspire. To purchase a copy of Gateways to your Garden, click on one of the selections below.


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Gardens are our way of life.

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